It starts with shoesMADI needs your support. We are in great need of material donations, volunteer help to sort, pack, donations, and also help with fundraising events. Financial support to continue vital work of collecting, packing, shipping and delivering donated supplies and other items to the extremely poor in the East African nation of Uganda.

Donations needed include:

  • Shoes (new or gently used; any size, kind; tie or rubber band together donated pairs; winter boots are not accepted)
  • Clothing (new or gently used children clothing)
  • School supplies (new or gently used)
  • Wish list supplies

You can contact MADI directly about drop-off sites or arranging for pick-up times. For long distance donors, please pack and mail your donations to: MADI Inc., 10526 62nd St NE, Albertville MN 55301

MADI volunteers collect donated shoes because the shoes we purchase and wear in America are very sturdy and are preferred to what the organization would be able to purchase in Africa and it will be more likely to donate that extra pair than buy one to donate. In addition, MADI the recycling of shoes as an environmentally smart practice.

Drop Box Location

  • Riverworks Store, Rockford MN
  • Marketplace, St. Michael, MN
  • St Michael City Hall

Contact us for a location near you or to add a dropbox at your location 612-578-9461.